What is Student Life?

Student Life is an online cartoon show that follows the life of four college students as they make their way through the absurd world around them. Doug, Phil, Sophie, and Metcalf are friends facing everyday challenges such as demonic girlfriends, shadowy soda corporations , conspiracies involving robotic celebrities, and annoying roommates.

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Doug O'Brien


Grade: Sophomore

History:Doug is very intelligent and is in fact biology major at the University. However, when it comes to normal, everyday living he is completely hopeless. He can barely talk to members of the opposite sex and doesn't’t understand most social gatherings. He can be a geek at times; he enjoys science fiction, fantasy, and other escapist things. He is very passionate about things and has tendency to seriously overact in normal situations. He met Phil in middle school and the two have been good friends for a long time. He is very protective of his relationship with Phil and does not want to see him get hurt again. After Phil, his closest friend is Metcalf, who shares a similar outlook on life and will always turn to Metcalf for support. Sophie and Doug have close bond as well. Sophie is the only girl Doug has ever really been close to and about the only one he can talk to.He has three brothers and is the youngest of the bunch. He has a strong relationship with his brothers and his mother although his relationship with his father can be strained at times.


Phil Anderson


Grade: Sophomore

History: Phil is the quintessential bad relationship guy. Most of the time he is laid back, relaxed, and he just let things come as they may. However once he is in a serious relationship, he becomes totally dependent on that person leading to many fights and the alienation of his friends. When he is out of the relationship, he hops from one girl to the next just looking for a good time. He has taken his break up with his girlfriend quite hard and was a wreck the first year of college. He has begun to come out of his funk and is beginning to date again.
Doug is his closest and most important friend. Phil shares Doug’s love of pop culture and geeky things, however Phil being more adapted to normal things in life tries to guide Doug through the pitfalls of dating, etc. Phil is not friends with Metcalf. He does not hate Metcalf; he has more of antagonistic relationship with him (mostly over Doug). He and Sophie get along well enough and are successful a reigning in Doug and Metcalf eccentricities.

Sophie Dufresne


Grade: Freshman

History: Sophie is descended from a line of French Canadians. Sophie’s father left her mother when Sophie was only three years old. Her mother being a little loopy did her best to raise Sophie, but Sophie had to mostly raise herself. Sophie and her mother were not poor but they did not have much. Sophie is at the University on scholarship and is trying to make the most of her life at the school. Her upbringing lends her to being very sarcastic and cynical towards relationship and life in general. Doug is her closest friend at the school. She views him as a dependable friend who makes her laugh from time to time (either with him or at him). She likes Phil and has a bit of a crush on him but it hasn't lead anywhere yet.She is friendly towards Metcalf and enjoys his bizarre theories, however she is not very close to him.






Grade: ?

History: No one knows where Metcalf came from or how old he is. He has been at the university for along time and almost seems to be a professional student. Metcalf views the world through window very few of us would understand. Some people think Metcalf is crazy but then again he may be right.

Metcalf is in a word: weird. He is extremely close to Doug and is his willing sidekick on their many adventures. Metcalf likes Sophie, although he views her as a usurper in his relationship with Doug. Metcalf is not aware that Phil does not like him and often trying to bond with Phil.