Student Life: Pilot
Animated comedy about four college students, Doug, Phil, Sophie, and Metcalf living full of rampaging biker gangs, conspiracies involving hot beverages, demonic girlfriends and the like.Not that they would notice any of this. They're just trying to survive the everyday challenges of college.

Student Life: Episode II - Attack of the Colas
The adventure continues for Doug,Phil,Sophie,and Metcalf. When Sophie is kidnapped for protesting against the University's Soda Exclusivity contract, it is up Doug,Phil, and Metcalf to rescuingher in their way.

Student Life: Code Red

Sophie enlisted Doug to help her get out of a blind date but things do not go as planned. Meanwhile, Phil learns more about his girlfriend than he wanted to and Metcalf has an unusual theory about a celebrity.

Code Red

Student Life: Dating Tips

Phil attempts to teach Doug the art of meeting women, with unintended results.

Student Life:On YouTube

.In a very special episode of Student Life, we take time to examine the phenomenon that is YouTube, as well as the really weird stuff people put on it..


Run, Sophie, Run

Sophie makes a desperate run across campus to turn in her paper on time facing student protests, aliens, and the dreaded obstacle of all, a fruitcake.